There is a six-kilometer running track within the Forestry of Belgrad. Along the running track, there are periodical signs that indicate the traveled distance. The track approaches the coast and accordingly to the water at certain points, where the lake consists of dike water. In order to prevent any possible case of danger - such as the jogger gets distracted, digresses the track, approaches to the waterside and goes into the lake - there are signs at certain intervals, which are positioned by the municipal authorities. The warning signs function as both physical and ethical barriers, which can be negotiable between the jogger and the lake.

Amok Running is a visual and textural narration, fictionalized within the running track. The warning signs turn into stimulus which contains a water gage, and the photographs of its graphical diversifications. The stimulus accompanies to the specified route and welcomes the jogger at the moments of deviation. The simultaneous deviation and imbalance state of both the jogger (who is fully-equipped, well-trained and aligned) and the balanced water gage follow a non-linear narration.


collaborative work - with Can Küçük

1510 m

2750 m

1430 m


3850 m

4040 m

800 m


"The junction is the most spacious and the brightest. You have to change your pace you're your direction to have a moment of realization. If someone is around the lake, that blocks the by-pass, you share the same dangerous moment with them. The sign is a question mark that stands in front of the danger. Look at the water, you’ll face the runner who waits for an answer. One is forced to choose, struggling to choose, between the lake and the running track. For the unbalanced runner, the question is an easy barrier to overcome. Someone who is off the track, aimless, timeless, a horizontal falling; footsteps digging a path corrupted by ambition; a face covered with liquid, a solid body, devoted to overcome thyself; overcoming the obstacles by leaving some pieces behind, embodying everyone that runner passes by. This is a run out of its mind and out of its body. Accept it as an air bubble, then set your course. Like anyone who escapes or trying to catch, keep moving forward." Running Amok wristband at 3850 m

"Keep moving on, move till you reach to the beginning. It will be easier to start to the second round. You are familiar to the track and you know your body. You know all the possibilities. You’ll take the risks. At the end, the gage will find its balance. You will reconnect with space and time. Keep going on, the third and the fourth, run the infinite track. If you feel dizzy, take a deep breath. Keep the sound in your mind. Repeat healing yourself. Preserve it. Don’t afraid of the bumps on the road because you already memorized where you’re going to fall."   Running Amok wristband at 4040 m

@ Forestry of Belgrad,  Running Amok with Can Küçük, 2018