Next Blood is Just a Fresh One, 2019  /  Photo : Ali Taptık

Next Blood is Just a Fresh One, 2019  /  Photo : Ali Taptık

Value Threshold.  Scissors, uv print on pvc, polyurethane tube, vinyl print, stainless steel

I Stepped On Snow, It Turned Grey. Toy soldier, shaving foam, sheet protector, tape  /  Photo : Nomi Wasikowska

Moment Froze, Consolidated and Superiority Displayed. Aluminum relief

One eye open One eye closed. Spotting scope, gorillapod, mirror, stainless steel

If I Know I Can't Use. Styrofoam, rubik's cube, duck tape

Last Service. Shoe, silverly silicon

Curtain closed, no more stage. Fabric curtain, iron / Photo : Nomi Wasikowska

Unscaled Box. Package folding mold, ball styrofoam  /  Photo : Nomi Wasikowska

Dripping Coffee. Cardboard cup, stainless steel

Photo : Nomi Wasikowska

Evidence Cycle. Tablet, gum, plexiglass, single channel video 5’17

Photo : Nomi Wasikowska

Alternative Public. Toilet rim block, plexiglass, sewage map

I Closed My Eyes And Watch It Burn. Aluminium sublimation, soldered extension lead

Moral Tunnel. Stolen traffic signs

@ Poşe, Next Blood is Just a Fresh One, 2019