Waste, rubbish or residue can give information about the material culture of their surrounding space. This information refers to the memory of the time and a space in which privacy becomes public. Movement of the waste and residue in daily circulation happens in closed masses which are hidden, other than the period it spends in its initial waste location. In contrast to this hidden circulation, can the initial waste period can be turned into an arranged range of information and revealed through the re-distribution of knowledge to public space.

research booklet 

video : Esra Genç

photo credit : Günbike Erdemir, Şahin Paksoy

‘Kağıtçılar’ is a research booklet about the paper gatherers and pickers in İstanbul. While examining the occurrences of the collectors specific to Istanbul, it analyses their circulation inside the city’s infrastructure. The analysis involves the production locations, processes, halts and timely changes on the subject. 

@ Bilgi University, 2017