,Plastic straw, metal coin. Paper base

.A4 (29.7 X 21 cm, 80 gr) height 75 cm 

 29x 29 x 11 cm   


Plastic straw , metal circle. Paper base, A3 (42 X 29.7 cm, 80 gr) height 35 cm. 46.5 x 46.5 x 17 cm

“A4” and “A3” are models of paper collecting vehicle in two different scales, made of straws standing on top of a pile of paper. The models resemble toys by their scaled proportion and color. Thus, the vehicle enters the literature of toys, which presents the model of a future to whom plays with them.


Straws, which were used as the and their agency in the production process. Coins and metal discs used as wheels of the vehicle denote the economy of a paper collection which involve the material, value and the cycle.modelling material, are easily accessible mediating commodities and they indicate the paper which will be recycled, the paper collector.

"Weld 2"

Poster paper, ofset print. 56 x 39 cm

"Weld 1"

Poster paper, ofset print. 56 x 39 cm

“Crumpled Paper”, “Weld I” and “Weld II” are posters hung up on the wall. The vehicle sack and the metal structures which were in tandem during their production process appear on the zoomed in and distorted photographs. Posters which carry the fixed, holistic and ideal objects and feed a common dream, transform into fragmented documents of the production process and the rapidly recorded mutual state en-route. ‘Crumpled Paper’ implies the dual state of paper being used and wasted, indicating the processes and actors in between. As “Weld I” and “Weld II” centres upon metal pieces welded together, and as it focuses, it also approaches the basis of the street which feeds the going-on.

"Crumpled paper"

115 gr poster paper, ofset print. 91 x 61 cm

@ Mamut Art Project, 2018