Cnc engraved white board, drill with timer 190x150x50 cm

“Ceremony”, is a composition that includes a school board and a hand drill.  The object which is a surface for transferring education spaces and narratives, provides the support for the subject matter and clarity of the knowledge, spins in its own axis in this process. The drill is the power source and  provider for the loop, also the basis of technical information carved on the board. The board starts to align the spectator at a distance as the drill operates, the board defines a volume. In order to keep the board spinning, the drill stops, heats up and cools down periodically. Technical information which is not clarified yet obtained on the board,  becomes an indirect narrative.  It initiates a new way of observation that shifts focus from understanding, by blurring, inverting and reverting.

@ Bomonti Alt, Uniform Behavior, 2018

Photo credit: Can Küçük